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Miscellaneous Oral Hygiene

A range of miscellaneous products to help you look after your teeth, gums and orthodontic brace, from floss and accessories to recipe books and disclosing tablets.

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Recipe Book Recipe Book
Written by an orthodontic brace wearer who studied Food & Nutrition at Sheffield University, "Eating with Braces"... [More]

Disclosing Tablets Disclosing Tablets
Two tone disclosing tablets to easily identify plaque - red stains show up new plaque whilst blue stains highlight... [More]

Character Toothbrush Cover Character Toothbrush Cover
Perfect for keeping your toothbrush clean at school, home or whilst travelling! These toothbrush... [More]

2 Minute Brushing Timer 2 Minute Brushing Timer
Are you brushing your teeth for long enough? Be sure that you are brushing your teeth and/or orthodontic brace... [More]

Toothbrush Cover Toothbrush Cover
Rectangular Toothbrush covers are great for keeping your toothbrush clean and sanitary! These are ideal if you... [More]

Firefly Flossers Firefly Flossers
Kids comply with FireFly!  (but also great for any age!)   These fun and colourful firefly shaped... [More]

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